Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Quilt for Canaan + Kelly

I have been a terrible blogger lately, and for that I am very sorry. I recently started back to school, and homework + job + family does not leave me with much free time. Consequently, I've been behind way behind on blog posts. I did, however, want to show you some pics of a recent quilt I made and wedding I attended for a beautiful couple I'm lucky enough to know, Canaan and Kelly.

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

Canaan and Kelly met almost 10 years ago when Kelly was staying-the-night with my sister, Cayla. Kelly and Cayla were too young to drive, and they were walking around the neighborhood when they passed Canaan's grandma's house. Canaan was just visiting his grandma, and was outside when the two girls walked by. They all started talking, and from what Cayla told me, Kelly thought Canaan was so cute. Kelly and Canaan started dating after that, and now, almost a decade later, they are married.

At the wedding reception my sister Cayla met Canaan's sweet grandma who said, "Oh, you're Cayla! Your brother is Chad, right?" And his grandma went on to say, "Canaan and Chad were such good friends."

Confused, Cayla said "they were?" and was trying to remember if Chad and Canaan had ever even hung out.

"Oh yes! They were." Canaan's grandma replied. "They were always going to the movies together."

At that moment Canaan walked up and Cayla asked him, "were you and Chad friends?"

Canaan said, "Who's Chad?".

And I just have to laugh, because apparently Canaan was telling his grandma all those years ago that he was hanging-out with Chad, but he was really with Kelly. Poor Canaan's grandma! For years she has been thinking that Canaan was my brother's friend, but really he was using my brother as a pawn!

Kelly started off as best friend to my sister, but our family adopted her as "one of us" because we just love her so much, and now each of us claim her as a best friend. If you met her, you would want to be her best friend too:) She's beautiful, smart and genuinely just a really sweet person. Kelly is a Dallas photographer and when I was deployed for a year, she took photos of my son's first haircut, my daughter learning to tie her shoes, and she was there to greet me when I came home. I'll never be able to thank her enough for capturing the moments I missed while away from home.

Photo taken by Kelly Christine

Kelly was selected as D Magazine's "Best Family Photographer" and her work was recently featured in Mollie Makes magazine.  Kelly hinted to me over a year ago that she wanted a quilt, but Kelly is so trendy that I knew that I was going to have to go a little out of my comfort zone and make something a little more modern. Even though Kelly and I are friends I was nervous to make her a quilt. The only way I could see making a quilt for her was I had to imagine a quilt that I might see in one of her photographs.

I chose to make her a triangle pattern, and used colors I knew she was using in her wedding. I quilted it in straight lines, but the quilting was taking me so long, that it was only 75% complete when it was time for the wedding. I felt like a jerk showing up at the wedding with no gift, but I'm almost glad I saw the wedding before I gave her the quilt. I was so nervous she wouldn't like it, but after I saw the ceremony and reception I knew the quilt was going to be okay. After Kelly received the quilt, she assured me that they love it.

Photo taken by Kelly Christine

I wish I could describe to you how beautiful the wedding was, but there really are no words. Everything was perfect. Kelly was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen and tears instantly sprung into my eyes the moment I saw her. But the tears didn't stop with just how stunning she looked--I was an emotional mess the entire night because everything was really gorgeous. The ceremony was small and was located out on her grandparent's land. There was a beautiful lake in background and a log cabin on the grounds. There were sweet little things to see everywhere.

A pretty bike...

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography
A painted chair...

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

And the cutest little girls that looked like dancing fairies...

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography
After the ceremony, we headed over to the reception, and every detail was so well-thought out and beautiful. The reception took place in an old building turned art gallery, and couldn't have been more perfect. The tables were decorated so beautifully, and the FLOWERS! I really had never seen such beautiful arrangements. I was happy enough just to sit there forever.

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett photography

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography
 Anyway, I just feel so blessed that I have such a wonderful friend, and I know her and Canaan really are going to live happily ever after.

Photo courtesy of N. Barrett Photography

To learn more about Kelly, and to see her work, you can visit her blog, Kelly Christine Photography

Most of the photos in this post were taken by N. Barrett Photography, and to see more of her beautiful work, you can visit her here.

Flowers were designed by Bows and Arrows Flowers

Cake and donuts were made by Cakewalk

Monday, 10 November 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hi everyone. Today I'm taking part in the Around the World Blog Hop and I was asked by my friend, Cynthia of Dream Quilt Create, to participate. Cynthia has a wonderful blog, and if you haven't stopped to see it before, you should really go check it out. She makes the cutest stuff, and from what I can tell, she has the most romantic husband in the world who made-over her sewing room for her!

Another friend of mine, Shauna from lovinquiltin asked me a about a month ago to participate, but unfortunately we were on vacation and I wasn't able to do it. But I would feel bad if I didn't give a shout-out to Shauna! (Hi Shauna!)


What am I currently working on?

Right now I have so many projects in the works I don't know which way is up or down. I think I have what is commonly known as QADD--Quilting Attention Deficit Disorder. That being said, I'm not making a whole lot of progress on anything. Do any of you do that?

But as for the big items, I'm working on a Union Jack Quilt for a friend, I'm testing a couple of patterns for some other friends, I'm working on a fall quilt (that is a little late coming along), and I have recently decided to participate in the #haveyourselfamerrylittlechristmas quilt-along on Instagram. I guess this is something that has been going on for a couple of weeks, but I didn't find out about it last night when my friend @AudreyAnn33 from Strawberry Island Studio asked me if I was playing. How did I miss this? Anyway, so I pulled some fabric today so I could get caught up. I really can't wait to get started.


How does my work differ from others?

I don't know if my work really does differ from others because a lot of what I make is inspired by other people! If anything, I wish I could do what others do because I see so many beautiful quilts and think to myself, "Now why couldn't I come up with that?". I have quilt envy I guess.

But if there's something that I've learned about myself is that the biggest motivator for me is the meaning behind the quilt. And by that I mean, 'what does this quilt represent for me?'. Usually it's a memory or a connection to something that keeps me inspired to finish it. I start lots of projects, but I have a hard time seeing them through if I don't have an emotional connection to the design. Really, the projects I have been most passionate about are quilts that are inspired by people that I love, or places I've visited.

Why do I create?

I watched a documentary once called "Helvetica", and I remember the designer saying "Creativity is a disease for which there is no cure" and that really made sense to me. I think (probably like most crafters/artists) I create because it's just something that I have to do. Sometimes creating isn't always a stress-reliever because I become obsessed with an idea, and then I can't focus on anything else until I've made it. And then there are other times, when I have absolutely no new ideas, but even then I start to become really anxious if I'm not working on something, because I feel like it's just something I need to be doing.

How do I work?

I looked at this question in two different ways, so I'll go ahead and answer both.

I think my creative process is a little inconsistent. Sometimes I have an idea the develops slowly, and then I might draw it out and carefully pick out fabric. And then there are those other times, when an idea blasts me out of my sleep and I just start making stuff when I'm not really sure how it's all going to work out.

As for where I work, I am very, very fortunate to have a small sewing room, and to be honest right now, it's completely out-of-control. So, much of my time has been spent trying to get it organized and decorated properly. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to share some before and after photos. The photo below is somewhere in between before and after and is the only picture I could take that wouldn't send you into cardiac arrest : )


And as for my machine, I sew on a Bernina Patchwork 350 and I absolutely love it! I saved up for two years after sewing on a Singer Simple, and now I'm a Bernina fan for life. Before Bernina I didn't know that fabric wasn't supposed to be eaten by the machine! It has been a lifesaver for me.


Anyway, that's all for my portion of the Around the World Blog Hop. I know my answers aren't all that thrilling, but I appreciate you stopping by!! Next I'm tagging Melissa from My Fabric Relish and Audrey from Strawberry Island Studio--and now I just need to go tell them. Haha.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Congratulations Helen!!!

I used the random number generator to select a winner, and it chose #54, Helen, who said 

"Of course, I would spend the extra hours making quilts for family and young patients in the Pediatric Infusion Therapy Unit (kids chemo) that I have adopted. There never seems to be enough time for quilting. Love the idea of a tea time giveaway - thanks!"

Helen, send me your address so I can get your gifts out to you! Thanks to everyone who participated and I still hope you all get to take a few moments for yourself!!!